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Mastère Spécialisé Advanced Master in Systems Engineering

  • Niveau d'étude visé

    BAC +6

  • Diplôme

    Mastère spécialisé

  • Domaine(s) d'étude

    Ingénierie aéronautique et spatiale

  • Accessible en

    Formation initiale, VAE

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The Systems Engineering Master degree program is a one- year professional course of study, designed in partnership with the industry.


The Advanced Master in Systems Engineering aims to provide the international aerospace industry with skilled professionals equipped to specify, to design, to deploy and to maintain complex systems. It also prepares to develop a system approach with the capacity to federate and manage various, intervowen and complementary activities. Finally, this program prepares systems engineering to work in vairous industrial sectors including space, aeronautics, air traffic control, land transport systems, etc.

It is a 1-year program fully taught in English.

For more information, please visit ISAE-SUPAERO website or contact


Conditions d'accès

For more information, please visit ISAE-SUPAERO website or contact


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Année 1

  • Systems Engineering Introduction (SEI)

    1 crédits15h
  • Project Management Introduction (PMI)

    1 crédits11h
  • Project Technical Management (PTM)

    3 crédits35h
  • Systems Engineering Data Technical Management (SEDTM)

    4 crédits42h
  • Systems Modelling & Analysis (SMA)

    4 crédits40h
  • Systems Dependability (SD) - Part 1

    2 crédits20h
  • Systems Dependability (SD) - Part 2

    2 crédits16h
  • Optimise, Decide, Justify, Verify & Validate (ODJVV)

    3 crédits30h
  • Requirements Engineering (RE)

    4 crédits31h
  • Systems Design and Architecture (SDA)

    4 crédits45h
  • Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)

    3 crédits27h
  • AIRBUS Study Case: Systems Engineering & Certification of the A350 (A350)

  • Systems Engineering of Space Systems (SeSS)

  • DASSAULT Study Case: Systems Engineering at Dassault aviation (DAV)

  • DGA Study Case: System of Systems (SoS)

  • Introduction to Verification & Validation (IVV)

    1 crédits11h
  • Systems Engineering Methods and Tools (SEMT)

    1 crédits34h
  • Introduction to Space System (ISS)

    1 crédits10h
  • Integrated Team Project SEN (ITP)

    9 crédits42h
  • Professionnal thesis

    30 crédits770h

Année 2

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