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Mastère Spécialisé Advanced master AERONAUTICAL & SPACE STRUCTURES : Engineering & Dynamics

  • Niveau d'étude visé

    BAC +6

  • Diplôme

    Mastère spécialisé

  • Domaine(s) d'étude

    Ingénierie aéronautique et spatiale

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The Advanced Master in Aeronautical and Space Structures aims to grow expertise in numerical calcultation of advanced structures and in the knowledge of materials and their interferences on the environment


The three main objectives of this program are:
- to ensure participants acquire an in-depth and multidisciplinary culture in mechanical engineering applied to structures,
- to train specialists in design, optimization and certification of structures,
- to provide expert knowledge in modelling and simulation methods for aircraft and spacecraft structuer analysis.

It is a 1-year program fully taught in English.

For more information, please visit ISAE-SUPAERO website or contact


Conditions d'accès

For more information, please visit ISAE-SUPAERO website or contact


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  • Flight dynamics: an introduction

  • Structural dynamical control: an introduction

  • Aerodynamics: an introduction

  • Scientific computing using Matlab/Python

  • Structural Shells analysis & recycling

    2 crédits17h
  • Advanced numerical methods

    1 crédits11h
  • Aerodynamics forces

    3 crédits23h
  • Helicopters: Architecture & Design

    2 crédits22h
  • Space Structures: satellites & launchers

    4 crédits41h
  • Advanced computational structural mechanics

    4 crédits30h
  • Aeroelasticity & Flexible Aircraft - Flexible Aircraft part

    1 crédits16h
  • Flexible Structure dynamics: modeling and control

    2 crédits20h
  • Aircraft Structures

    5 crédits53h
  • Aerospace Structures 2 - Advanced Structural Dynamics Part

    2 crédits21h
  • Mechanics of materials 2

    4 crédits30h
  • Computer Assisted Design & Drawing

    1 crédits40h
  • Introduction to strategic management in the context of the aviation industry

    2 crédits15h
  • Team Innovative Management for Evolved Strategies

    8 crédits25h

    30 crédits770h

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