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Mastère Spécialisé Advanced Master in Space Applications and Services

  • Niveau d'étude visé

    BAC +7

  • Diplôme

    Mastère spécialisé

  • Domaine(s) d'étude

    Ingénierie aéronautique et spatiale

  • Accessible en

    Formation initiale, VAE

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This Master provides the technical knowledge required for the specification of space systems telecommunications, Earth observation and positioning services


The first objective of this program is to give students a broad understanding of space systems and how they are used in the fields of Earth¿s environment monitoring, communications and navigation.
The second objective of the program is to train students to the design of space applications and services by using real-life examples and experimental work.


Conditions d'accès

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  • Satellites and orbits

    2 crédits21h
  • Space systems

    2 crédits22h
  • Big data and cloud

    2 crédits25h
  • Introduction to Python

    1 crédits12h
  • Digital communication basics

    2 crédits21h
  • Remote sensing and sensors

    2 crédits23h
  • Image processing and data analysis

    3 crédits30h
  • Applications and services, agriculture and forest

    3 crédits27h
  • Applications and services, natural resources and intelligence

    3 crédits22h
  • Telecommunications and networks

    2 crédits18h
  • Broadband satellite communication systems

    3 crédits33h
  • Satellite broadcasting

    2 crédits18h
  • Telecommunication satellites for mobiles

    3 crédits24h
  • Satellite communication business

    2 crédits18h
  • Navigation and positionning

    3 crédits22h
  • Space economics and regulations

    2 crédits22h
  • Services and integrated applications

    3 crédits25h
  • Tutored Project

    5 crédits70h

    30 crédits770h

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