Master (M2) mention économie parcours type Economics of Markets & Organizations (EMO)

Résumé de la formation

  • Type de diplôme : Master (LMD)
  • Niveau d'étude visé : BAC +5
  • Domaine d'étude : Economie

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How do markets function? How do corporations make their strategic choices? What are the determinants of the demand structure and the cost structure in a market? What are their relationships with the structure of this market and with the firms’ behavior? The Master 2 TSE - "Economics of Markets and Organizations" (EMO) prepares students to provide answers to this type of questions.

The M2 EMO program combines a solid training in industrial organization, regulatory economics, and econometrics that give students a real expertise in the analysis of strategic aspects of a market, the identification of the determinants of the firms’ economic performance in a market, and the evaluation of policies aimed at improving the market efficiency.
Students with the M2 EMO - TSE profile master the analytical tools that allow them to model the key economic relationships in an industry. These students have also acquired the ability to perform a sharp diagnosis of the nature of the strategic interaction among the dominant players in a sector and on the key performance parameters of the sector.
Courses are taught in English by TSE faculty members with well-established international reputation in the areas of theoretical and applied industrial organization. This academic training is completed with conferences given by professionals with strong experience of the functioning of real-world markets.


Condition d'accès

Admission is based on academic excellence. An undergraduate degree of at least 4 years of college or a Master’s degree is required with a curriculum considered as consistent with the program and approved by the TSE selection committee. Working knowledge of English is also required.


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Contenu de la formation

Semester 1

  • Competition & Market Strategies
  • Business Strategy
  • Two courses among :

- Economics of Innovation and Intellectual Property
- Workshop on the Law & Economics of Competition Policy
- Time series and economic forecasting
- Quantitative Analysis for competition and networks
- The economics of energy markets and networks
Semester 2

  • Four courses among :

- Industrial Organization of The Food Industry
- Air Transport Economics
- Economic Analysis of Infrastructure and Network Industries
- Incentives and Regulation
- Applied Corporate Finance
- Topics in Applied Industrial Organization
- Empirical Industrial Organization
- Industrial Organization
Each student must choose 4 courses (30 hours each) in each semester.
To obtain the EMO Master’s degree, students need to complete eight 36-hour courses

And to either :
- do an internship within a firm (public or private), a financial institution (bank, insurance), a government institution (competition or regulatory authority), or a research laboratory, and write an internship report
- Write a Master Thesis under the supervision of a TSE faculty.

Lieu d'enseignement

  • Toulouse



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