Master (M2) mention économie parcours type Economic Theory and Econometrics (ETE)

Résumé de la formation

  • Type de diplôme : Master (LMD)
  • Niveau d'étude visé : BAC +5
  • Domaine d'étude : Statistique et économétrie

Accessible en :

  • Formation initiale
  • VAE



Etablissements partenaires

• The associated research centres support students:
- GREMAQ : Research group in mathematical and quantitative economics
- ARQADE : Research group in applied quantitative development economics
- LERNA : Research group in natural resource economics
• This high-level program provides a broad vision of economics and is a great springboard into original research.


The "Doctoral track" allows students to acquire a thorough and advanced general training in economic theory (micro, macro and econometrics) before choosing a specific area of research.

This program is specially designed for students interested in micro and macro theory, econometrics, industrial organisation and other theoretical and applied fields. It offers a large range of courses that allow students to start a PhD in the best possible conditions.


Condition d'accès

Admission is based on academic excellence criteria. An undergraduate degree of at least 4 years of college or a Master’s degree is required, within a recognized curriculum considered consistent with the programme and approved by the TSE Committee. A high level in Mathematics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics is necessary. Working knowledge of English is obviously required.


Pour les étudiants titulaires d'un diplôme français :

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Contenu de la formation

1st Semester

  • Microeconomics I
  • Macroeconomics I
  • Econometrics I
  • 1 among 9 :
    - Game Theory
    - Quantitative Analysis for competition and networks
    - Panel Data and Non Parametric Methods
    - Capital Markets and intermediaries
    - Political Economy and Development
    - Environmental Economics
    - Competition and Market Strategies
    - Cost Benefit Analysis
    - Empirical Methods and development

2nd Semester

  • 2 among 3 :

- Microeconomics II
- Macroeconomics II
- Econometrics II

  • 2 among 18 :

- Microeconomics II
- Macroeconomics II
- Econometrics II
- Optimization
- Corporate Finance
- Public Economics
- Stochastic Optimal Control in economics
- Advanced Econometrics
- Industrial Organization
- Empirical Finance
- The Econometrics of Program Evaluation
- Natural Resource Economics
- Incentives and Regulation
- Industrial Organization of the Food Industry
- Advanced Economic Theory
- Political economy
- Empirical Environmental Economics
- Quantitative techniques in economics

Lieu d'enseignement

  • Toulouse



Contact scolarité

Toulouse School of Economics
Bureau des Masters TSE
Bâtiment A -1er étage - MA 106
Manufacture des Tabacs
31015 Toulouse Cedex 6
Phone : + (33) (0)5 67 73 27 87
Mail : studentsrecruitment @ ut-capitole.fr
Site : http://ecole.tse-fr.eu/en

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