Master (M2) mention Droit International et Droit Européen parcours type ESLToulouse-LLM International Economic Law (MINTEC)

Résumé de la formation

  • Type de diplôme : Master (LMD)
  • Domaine d'étude : Droit international européen et comparé

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The Master’s degree (M2*) in International Economic Law (MINTEC) aims at giving students a thorough knowledge of international economic legal issues.

The programme focuses mainly on the study of the World Trade Organisation, of the European Union in an economic perspective and of international economic development.

The MINTEC also aims at providing students with some basic knowledge of international law, contracts and markets regulations. The syllabus also aims at giving international students the basics in French legal methodology and in French as a foreign language.

A study trip to Brussels will be organised within the framework of this programme. The students will have the opportunity to discover the European Institutions.


Condition d'accès


  • A four-year degree in law is required, equivalent to 240 ECTS (European credits) and preferably specialised in international and european legal issues, but not exclusively. Other qualifications and area of study may be considered by the admission committee.
  • A first professional experience in the field of economics, law or management is highly appreciated. Students must have an adequate command of the English language to enrol. An applicant's English proficiency level may be demonstrated by means of score reports of recognized exams, tests or certificates (equivalent to C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) or by any relevant means (study experience in a program taught in English…).

The admission committee will assess your application based on academic results, English proficiency, personal experiences (international and/or professional) and motivation.



  • The application dates and procedure will be specified on this webpage at a later stage
  • The assessment of the application is based on academic achievements, English proficiency, personal experiences (international and/or professional) and motivation.

IMPORTANT. Non European Union applicants : according to your country of origin and/or residence, you may have to follow a specific process with an earlier deadline. Get in touch with the Campus France office in your country.

DUAL DEGREE - Master 2/LLM with Stetson University (Florida) :
There will be no selection for the dual degree for 2020/21.


Contenu de la formation


(from September to March)
6 units (UE) to be chosen from the 8 following ones :
UE 1 : European Law 36 hours – 7.5 ECTS
Fundamental European law - 18hrs
Specialized European law 1 (Single Market & Foreign Goods / Services and Foreigners) - 9hrs
Specialized European Law 2 (Selected Issues of EU Competition Law) - 9hrs
UE 2 : International Trade Law 36 hours – 7.5 ECTS
International Trade Organisations and Financial Institutions - 18hrs
Specialised course in International Trade Law - 9hrs
Specialised course in International Finance Law - 9hrs

UE 3 : International Business Law – 36 hours – 7.5 ECTS
Fundamental International Business Law (Compliance and & Corporate Social Responsibility) - 18hrs
Specialised International Business Law 1 (International Commercial Arbitration) - 9hrs
Specialised International Business Law 2 (International Tax Law) - 9hrs

UE 4 : Public International Law
36 hours – 7.5 ECTS
Fundamental Public International Law - 18hrs
Specialised Public International Law 1 (Litigation Aspects - State Immunities & Investor-State Arbitration) - 9hrs
Specialised Public International Law 2 (International Criminal Law) - 9hrs

UE 5 : Private International Law
36 hours – 7.5 ECTS
Fundamental Private International Law - 18hrs
Specialised Private International law 1 (PIL in a global context) - 9hrs
Specialised Private International law 2 (European PIL OR Comparative PIL) - 9hrs

UE 6 : Contract Law 36 hours – 7.5 ECTS
Comparative Contract Law 18hrs
Negociations and Drafting of Contracts - 9hrs
European Contract Law - 9hrs

UE 7 : Company Law – 36 hours - 7.5 ECTS
International Company Law - 18hrs
Practicing in International Companies - 9hrs
European Company Law - 9hrs

UE 8 : International Economic Law - 36 hours - 7.5 ECTS
Fundamental International Economic Law - 18hrs
Specialised International Economic Law 1 (Digital Governance in an International Context) - 9hrs
Specialised International Economic Law 2 (Law and Development) - 9hrs

UE 9 (Mandatory) - 28 hours - Non assessed
French or English language - 25hrs
Documentary researches - 3hrs

2nd SEMESTER (from April to September)

UE 10 - 15 ECTS
Master's thesis (Research Track)
Internship (2 months minimum i.e. 308hrs) + Report (Professional Track)

Et après ...

Poursuite d'études


Students that obtain the MINTEC have several legal job opportunities, and especially those in relation with international economic law. The programme provides them with the skills needed to hold positions in law firms, companies but also in public services, and international or European institutions.

Students opting for the Research Track can pursue academic research.

More Details: You may read the OFIP’s surveys about occupational integration of the graduate student.
The OFIP (Observatoire des Formations et de l’Insertion professionnelle) examines the academic and professional future of the alumni: continuation or resumption of studies, access to the labour market, after 30 months situation (work, studies, unemployment,…), occupation characteristics (sector, status, functions, professions, wages, geographical mobility,…).
Available on the UT1 website, tab “Orientation et insertion” or at the SUIO-IP.




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