Mastère Spécialisé Advanced Master in Aeronautical Engineering

Résumé de la formation

  • Type de diplôme : Mastère spécialisé
  • Niveau d'étude visé : BAC +7
  • Domaine d'étude : Ingénierie aéronautique et spatiale
  • Crédits ECTS : 75

Domaine : Sciences, Ingénierie et Technologies



The programs are specially designed for students starting immediately after the completion of their master and for industrial employees who have enrolled through their companies¿ continuing education programs


The advanced master TAS Aero program leads to a one-year professionally-oriented master's degree with an emphasis on Aerospace Engineering (AE). For some students having a passion for flight testing, the master TAS Aero offers a Flight Test Engineering major (TAS Aero - FTE). The MS TAS Aero enables students to develop a high level of competence in engineering science, current technology, engineering design and management of aeronautical systems,or flight test performances. The TAS - Aero programs are highly multidisciplinary and aimed at developing engineering skills
to easily enter the work world with great opportunities and significant chances of advancement on aeronautical projects, either in a research facility or in a company in a multinational environment.
The programs are specially designed for students starting immediately after the completion of their master and for industrial employees who have enrolled through their companies continuing education programs. The TAS Aero curriculum includes a broad spectrum of subjects with the following objectives:
- to develop an integrated approach of the product design development, while acquiring necessary skills in the disciplines and techniques of the aeronautical sector, to facilitate work on multidisciplinary projects in aeronautics with a very practical approach,
- to develop skills in team building and team process at a multinational level,
- to develop project-management and programme management skills for international use,
- to understand the global economic environment of the aeronautical sector.

In 2011 we launched a new major in flight Test Engineering - TAS Aero FTE - which focuses on the issues facing aircraft and aircraft equipment manufacturers in the development and certification of new aircraft. This major TAS Aero FTE is particularly suitable for engineers with little or no prior expérience in the field and also for those already involved in auronautics who require further knowledge of the above concerns.

Graduates of this master are capable of working in flight test department to contribute to various kinds of flight testing (certification tests, envelope expansion, performances, handling qualities and aircraft systems...)

First semester: academic session of around 490h, provided by ISAE's permanent professors and experts from aerospace industry bringing current knowledge and experience, including:
- lectures, exercises,
- labs with Matlab,
- engineering and design study seminars,
- laboratory sessions,
- written report and oral presentation,
- practical sessions,
- team work and team business game,
- in-flight practical study and industrial visits (Airbus, CEAT, etc.).
Second semester: students have to conduct a professional thesis in aerospace industry or in laboratory, in France or abroad, supervised by a tutor from the host organisation and from ISAE. The thesis is concluded by the preparation of a report and an oral dissertation in front of jury.

Career opportunities
More than 1100 students from 55 countries have been trained over the last 30 years and now work as research engineers, designers, project managers, program managers, and consultants, etc.


Condition d'accès

Academic requirements
A master's degree, or an equivalent degree in science or engineering, or bachelor degree completed by 3 years of professional experience

Selection and admission
Admission to ISAE's master at: http://admissionsmasters.isae-supaero.fr

Selection and admission are made by an admission committee: possible interviews can be organized if necessary

Deadlines for application: several admission committees scheduled from February to July, see schedule on our website: http://admissionsmasters.isae-supaero.fr

Language requirements :
TOEFL (Paper-based): 550, or TOEFL (IBT): 79, or TOEIC: 785, or IELTS: 6.5


Tous les programmes sont disponibles à l'adresse suivante : https://www.isae-supaero.fr./fr/formations/

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Poursuite d'études

Flight techniques
Aerodynamics and propulsion
Aeronautical product design
Structures for Aeronautical Engineering

Flight test engineering Major

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