Formation Processing of animal products

Résumé de la formation

  • Type de diplôme : Certifications
  • Crédits ECTS : 6

Domaine : Sciences, Ingénierie et Technologies

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  • Formation continue
  • Formation continue non diplômante
  • Formation initiale



  • Knowing the physico-chemical and biochemical determinants of the transformation processes of animal products (milk and meat-based products).
  • Optimizing the choice of a given technology process, according to the quality of the raw material and the type of desired product.


Condition d'accès

Bac +2


Contenu de la formation

Milk and milk-based products technology (30h)

  • Milk industry.
  • Milk physico-chemical properties.
  • Milk, butter and cream technology.
  • Cold storage, heat treatments, dehydration and acidification.
  • Technology cheese maker and main cheeses families.
  • Specific microbiology.

Meat-based products technology (30h)

  • Physico-chemical characteristics of the meat processing and/or its preservation in meat-based product.
  • Raw materials, refrigeration and freezing, dehydration, mincing and restructuring, curing, fermentation, elaboration of meat sausages, industial use of animal-derived proteins.


Educational methods

  • Courses, Practical classes on the processing of meat-based products and on cheeses sensory analysis, Bibliographical analysis.

Assessment (Students can choose the language of assessment, French or English)

  • Oral presentation (coeff. 1) and written examination (coeff. 2)


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Conseiller Formation Qualifiante

Tél : 05 34 32 31 03

Email : qualifiant.fc @ inp-toulouse.fr


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