UE 2 Socio-technologies and management M1S1

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  • Crédits ECTS : 7

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This TU includes different modules :
- M21 (M-ADPH2-M21lldPh): Introduction to the industrial Pharmacy (Manager Olivier Lecoq). Coef 1
- M22: Initiation to the corporate world
- Corporate world (Manager Loïc Gaté/Lionel Dupont). Coef 2,5
-M23 :
- Technological documentation and patents. Technology watch (Managers and teachers Dolores Liret, Huong Baleix, Michel Baron). Coef 0,5
- Initiation to information systems and data bases (Manager Michel Baron). Coef 1
-M24 : M-Bi-Ad-Ethics Coef 2